Life Goes On

On Saturday October 6th, our family and friends gathered together to celebrate the marriage of our son, Earle, to his beautiful bride, Rebeccah.  We had been trying to set a date for the East Coast celebration and finally just had to have it over this weekend when the kids would all be home for my birthday.  My Dad was out of town, but he was at the wedding in California and understood why we had to have the party immediately!  The party was a wonderful success and we all felt surrounded by the love of our family and friends.

Everybody was very generous to Earle and Rebeccah and enjoyed seeing the wedding photos and video.  But I felt like the star attraction!  I received lots of hugs and words of support and also lots of goodies! Beautiful flowers (including  two beautiful yellow mums (from my Uncle Joe via my cousin Mary Anne! ), a comfy blanket from the Cancer Comfort Angels from my cousin Peggy, a pink ribbon scarf and necklace from my friend Tina, a Fight Like a Girl mug from Diana and a journal from my friend Rosie among other things.

Earle and Rebeccah cut the cake!

On my Birthday, I  was lucky enough to have the day off with pay courtesy of the Army – Columbus Day!  Before we took Diana to UMD for her class Earle noticed a surprise in the pasture – a new baby calf was born on my birthday!

My birthday calf! New Moo or Numoo!

We spent a little time at UMD waiting for Diana and then we went to Picture People in Bowie to have a girls only photo shoot before my first chemo.  It was a little awkward, but we had fun and were really pleased with the photos.  I had always wanted to have a photo shoot with my sisters, our daughters and my Mom, but we never got around to it.  I am still sorry we didn’t do that, so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity while my girls were home.  The hardest part was choosing our favorites!  We got the word from Dr. P.’s office that my first chemo was scheduled for Thursday October 11th that day so I was really glad we made the time to do it.  My hair will probably be totally different when this is all over.

Me and My Beautiful daughters

Me at 49!

A little nervous about upcoming chemo, but hopeful for a good outcome!


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