Back into the Whirlwind

I went back to work for 1 full day and then on Tuesday, September 25th I returned once again to the Center for Breast Care.  This time I would have 3 biopsies – 2 on the left and 1 on the right.  I had to leave Earle in the main waiting area during the biopsies – only women are allowed in that part of the radiology center.  I was surprised to see that Dr. K wasn’t there that day.  The new Radiologist was pleasant and understanding but I would have been comforted to have a familiar Doc.  The nurses and techs were the same at least and Linda made sure to check on me between biopsies.   The guided ultrasound needle biopsies weren’t too bad, but the Stereotactic Core Biopsy was really uncomfortable. I had to lay face down on the table and it hurt my neck – a lot.  The Doc comes from underneath to get the biopsy.  It is very strange and a little scary.  They numb the affected area so the actual biopsy doesn’t hurt that much – but the noise is a little unnerving. I  just kept saying Hail Marys and praying that it would end soon.  When they do biopsies they put a tiny metal tag or clip to mark the site so that it can be found by radiology technicians on future mammograms.  After the biopsies, I had one final mammogram to show the placement of the clips.  The technician said, “Your poor boobies!” when she saw how bruised and battered I was.

I got dressed and went out to meet Earle.  We were starving so we went to our new  favorite restaurant – Panera Bread.  We enjoyed soup and salad and a fruit smoothie – yum!  We decided to check out our local health food store to look for ingredients from our new cookbook – like agave, flax seed oil, local honey, sea salt etc.  Later we were able to find most everything but the flax seed oil and the honey at Giant. We also headed to a local farm store and bought local apples and hormone-free, antibiotic- free beef.  The local anesthetic was starting to wear off so we headed home so that I could start icing!!!

I went back to work for a few more days -I enjoyed being with the kids and tried to catch up on paperwork and worked on next week’s lesson plan.  I tried not to worry too much about the pending test results.  The radiologist said not to expect the results until Friday at the earliest.  My sister in-law, Debbie, sent me a few books that were helpful to her during her battle with breast cancer earlier –  “Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book”, “The Breast Cancer Prevention and Recovery Diet” and “Dear God, They Say It’s  Cancer”.  Occasionally I would pick one up and read some of it or surf the internet for info – but then I would worry about what I read and avoid “cancer” for a while – we still didn’t have enough information yet to make any decisions anyway.  I grew tired of what ifs.

Friday September 28th, Earle and I met with Dr. B., the surgeon that would place the port for my chemo.  He was very nice – even if he did go to Duke!  He explained to us the procedure for placing the port and where it would be placed and how it would be used.  Then he shocked us both by telling us that my port surgery was scheduled for next Wednesday!  We weren’t prepared for that at all – everything was becoming too real, too fast!!!  I panicked. I wasn’t quite ready.  We weren’t supposed to meet with the oncologist until the 5th and I was sure we weren’t going to start anything until after my birthday on the 8th!!!  We went to Dr. P’s office and even though her waiting room was full, her nurse and nurse practitioner could tell we were upset.   They sat down with us and explained things we were confused about and allayed my fears that everything was moving too fast.  Everyone said that having the port placed well before the first chemo treatment would give it a chance to heal.  My sister-in-law had her port placed the same day as her first treatment – she felt it was too much for one day.  Resigned we went back to Dr. B’s office and got the paper work for the surgery.   The first week of October was going to be very busy indeed!!


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