It’s Official

On Thursday Afternoon, September 13, 2012, I got a message from Dr. K, the radiologist, from Johns Hopkins to call him to get my test results. I told my Asst Director and went to the car to get the news in private. He kindly told me that my tumor, though less than a centimeter, was cancerous and it was already in at least one lymph node. I sat in the car and tried to absorb this awful news. I shakily walked back to the school and went into my Asst Director’s office. I told her the news and she hugged me and allowed me to cry in her office. While in her office the Nurse Navigator, Linda, from the Center for Breast Care at Calvert Memorial hospital called.  She told me that my cancer was Triple Negative and would respond well to chemo. She said that it was “middle of the road” cancer and that later in life I would just think of this as a speed bump to the rest of my life. She set up an appointment with The Breast Surgeon the next day. The whirlwind had begun.  I calmed down and considered calling Earle, but I knew that he would be riding his motorcycle home from DC and didn’t want him to be distracted. We weren’t supposed to find anything out until the next day. So I drove home listening to Eloisa James’ memoir, “Paris in Love”. I just happened to borrow this from the library not knowing that she was a Breast Cancer survivor until after I started listening after my biopsy. The most comforting thing about this book is that it not about Breast Cancer, but about life after Breast Cancer.  She only refers back to that time a few times during the book.  She is just relishing life and love with her husband and children in a foreign city. Life will go on!


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