Hello Family and Friends!

One day I was happy and healthy and the very next day I heard the words that will change the lives of myself and those who love me forever -Breast Cancer. I had a physical at the end of August and all my blood work was good, my blood pressure was normal, everything was perfect. But I needed a mammogram. The mammogram showed a few areas of concern, so I was scheduled for an ultrasound biopsy on September 11th.  I wasn’t too worried because 80% of biopsies come back negative.  I was laying on the table while the Doctor was looking at the ultrasound and performing the biopsy.  He asked if someone was with me today and my heart sank. He then said that he would give me the results on Friday and he was afraid he would have bad news to tell me. The Doctor then went out to tell Earle his suspicions. I began to cry because I wanted my Mommy and her comfort was far beyond my reach.  And then I thought of the sweet children in my group this year and how much time I would miss with them. And then I thought of my Motherless baby sister, Laura, and how much I wanted to be there to help as she embarks on a new and exciting chapter in her life.  But still there was some small hope that the radiologist was wrong.  After crying on my wonderful rock of a husband Earle’s shoulder, we decided to wait to tell our children the news until we knew for certain. I dreaded shaking up their worlds again.


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